Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two of us, Saturday drivin'...

We had a wonderful weekend, despite the fact that celebrities seem to be dropping like flies... Nothing lifts my mood like a great Saturday adventure, and that's just what we had. After a morning auction, we drove to one of our favorite antique malls and en route stopped over at the Dover Dam to take in the spectacular views...

While at the dam, I saw my very first snake (in nature) which was pretty disgusting and terrifying. We also saw a beaver (at a damn — of course!) which was a much cuter and far less horrifying counterpart to the snake.

After the antique mall, we headed to Amish country with the intent of gorging ourselves on free cheese samples at the wonderful Heini's Cheese Chalet. On our way, we stopped to look at this '67 Mustang (like ours, but a convertible) and stumbled upon a whole garage full of 60s Corvettes. After about an hour of uncontrollable drooling, I managed to drag my man back on the road...

Where we finally ended up at Heini's and filled our bellies with all kinds of delicious cheeses. We sampled everything, from sharp cheddar (my fave) to moon cheese (inexplicably green with a mysterious, unidentifiable flavor) and the divine chocolate-peanut butter cream cheese fudge. A huge thank you to Heini's sample bins for a wonderful (and free!) lunch.

We also had some time for a little antiquing (got some great things for the shop) before Amish country shut down for the night; we're already planning a return trip. We'll be back when Heini's has had adequate time to restock their free sample bins...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ladies who lunch.

Went on another lunch picnic today with Emily and her little man Carter. Carter brought along his huge bouncy ball (and wore his "Eat More Tacos" shirt, bought by his favorite — me) and I brought the delicious eats. It's really beginning to feel like summer, especially now that the rains have stopped (for a few days at least), and that is just fine with me. Summer, you may stay as LONG as you like.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Streep still sexy at sixty...

Today is the sixtieth birthday of the wonderful Meryl Streep... I've seen (and own) every one of her movies and I pretty much worship the ground she walks on, and you probably should too. Happy Birthday, Ms. Streep. I hope I look as smokin' as you do when I'm sixty.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Came across these "illustrated thoughts" by Pope Saint Victor on flickr. Simply wonderful.

My first time...

Last night I made my very first pie. It was apple, with a crumb topping and it was delicious. I also watched the Godfather, for the first time. Well, the first half at least because both of us fell asleep (not due to the movie which is, of course, wonderful); conclusion planned for tonight.

Unfortunately, the hard drive on my laptop died a couple days ago, and my man tells me it's pretty much toast. My PowerBook and I have been though a lot and I'm grateful it never quit on me when I really needed it. I'm hoping I have everything of importance backed up (I'm pretty sure I do... eek) so I guess it's not the end of the world, just the end of an era I suppose. Things like this always make me a little blue...

Also, it's raining today (still!), and it looks like it will be a wet weekend for sure. Looking forward to some treasure hunting, pie leftovers and perhaps the next two installments of the Godfather.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rainy days always get me down...

Rained like crazy here yesterday, and it's still pretty dreary out today — perfect for treasure hunting, room organizing and lots and lots of coffee... Finally got the storage room manageable, and took inventory of the items I have found so far for the shop. Worked on the site, read a chapter in my Meryl Streep biography, and went to sleep.

This morning I have my coffee (thank. god.) and I'm ready to dig in. Client work first (as always) then perhaps a little Blue Carrot sprinkled here and there.

Oh, and if you see the sun anywhere, please tell him to come back. Thanks.

(pic is Central Park — wish I was there, even in the rain)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Phrenology head is better than none...

So a few months ago, we found an amazing 1910 Johnson and Johnson druggist's cabinet at an auction and bought it for our bathroom. It originally held 'plasters' — obsolete (and odd) medical implements, thought to cure various ailments such as bunions and kidney pains. Because we love the cabinet so much, we decided to give our bathroom an antique medical makeover.

In doing some research (and by research I mean watching House), I came across Phrenology heads. I'd seen them before, but didn't know what they were called or what they were used for. Now that I know all about the art and practice of Phrenology, I am dying to get a real (the repros are ok, but the antique ones are awesome) head... In the meantime, I may settle for this print, available on www.zazzle.com.

Who knew?

White poppies? I never knew there was such a thing, until I saw them growing in our yard this morning. Well I'm glad they do exist, because look how cute this little guy is. I love him.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The homepage has landed...

YAY! I finally have a homepage for bluecarrotshop.com. Right now it's just a little description about the shop, with links to email me and find this blog; modest, but definitely a start. Tonight I have to take inventory of all the treasures I've collected thus far, and attempt to clean out an area (ugh.) of our storage room so everything is not in a huge pile. Hopefully I can get the shop up soon so this work starts actually paying ;)

Babies and Bagpipes.

Went on a delightful picnic today on my lunch hour (ok, it was more like hourS) with my best friend Emily and her Gerber baby, Carter. We ate cherries, salami and cheese while Carter practiced his walking and found a particularly sharp and dangerous stick with which to amuse himself. 

What a gorgeous, peaceful lunch, that is UNTIL a man in full Scottish garb (kilt, socks, hat, beard) started marching the trails practicing his BAGPIPES. "Maybe he lives in an apartment, and can't practice there..." Emily said. I guess we'll never know.

Swappin on Sunday

Sunday we went to a swap meet, got some much-needed parts for Lenore (our '67 mustang) and found a few more treasures for the shop. I also spotted this Airstream trailer for sale; I've always loved these and dream of traveling across the country with one. Aren't they wonderful?

On the way back from the swap meet we stopped at a garage sale at this amazing house. It was old and beautiful, and they had a wonderful item for the shop (cheap!) that I bought with the very last of my cash. I LOVE garage sales.

And lastly, we drove by this sign a few times, before I finally stopped to take a picture. Sometimes a cartoon turd really says it all. Thank you, Larry's Septic Service for your amazing illustration.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gnome sweet gnome and other Saturday delights.

Yesterday we went to an awesome auction and picked up a truck full of delights. I got some neat little things for the shop AND we got to witness the auctioneer slice his finger open on a broken glass bowl, that consequently sold for five dollars — a very successful weekend so far. 

I add this incident to my mental list of auction follies, which includes the time an auctioneer held up a framed sign about five feet off the ground, only to have the glass slide right out and shatter on the floor. We also had a front row seat to the demise of a milk bottle collection, in a similar fashion. It's like the time I was watching World News Tonight and saw Peter Jennings sneeze, or watching ice skating just incase they fall. Might not be nice, but it sure is entertaining.

On the way home from the auction, we stopped at Shisler's Cheese House, a nice local shop that, in addition to the cheese, sells delicious candies, pies and anything that can be pickled and put in a can. We picked up some hot pepper cheese curds and peanut butter fudge. YUM.

Check out some of Shisler's inhabitants, below.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Poppies... Poppies... Poppies will put them to sleep...

We planted flowers recently, and it certainly is an interesting experience. I was strictly an indoor child, much more comfortable with my nose in a book than a pile of dirt. My parents' idea of 'landscaping' was the occasional mow — our hedges got a trim only when we couldn't see over them to back out of the driveway. My mother is the kiss of death to all things green, known victims include a mis-gifted Chia Pet and one very unlucky cactus. 

So when my man came home with a few truckloads of mulch and a small fortune in flora, I was understandably nervous. I love receiving, staring at, and generally being around flowers (Gerbera daisies are my favorite — the happiest flower in the world) but planting them? Watering? Actually keeping a plant alive, let alone thriving? Not a clue.

Turns out, I had nothing to fear, except the marigolds themselves. After an entire day spent planting flats that appeared to multiply before my very eyes, I am not only no closer to understanding them, but I have developed quite a hatred. Sure, they look nice in the window boxes I bought JUST so I didn't have to plant them in the ground, but they smell like skunk and mock me every chance they get.

Take a look at our poppies though. Aren't they magical (and surprisingly easy to plant)? My Gerbera daisies are getting jealous and rightfully so. While I certainly have a new LEAST favorite flower (marigolds, you know who you are), I may also have a new favorite. 


My full-time job gets in the way of my hobbies...

I have decided to start this blog before the first item is ever for sale on bluecarrotshop.com. I have been collecting things, and preparing the shop (in some ways, for my whole life) but in the meantime, I would like to write about the process and hopefully build a minor following before the shop officially opens. 

I do have a logo (my blue carrot eating rabbit doesn't have a name — yet) and a name, so that's a start. I also have the site pretty much designed, although (as the title of this post suggests) I spend my days designing things for OTHER people. This is great, of course, for paychecks and whatnot, not so great (unfortunately) for my extracurriculars, such as Blue Carrot.

So while I spend my days designing for others and planning for myself, I will post updates about the shop's progress and other various delightful nuggets I feel like sharing. Check back often and don't be shy. 

So here we go...

My name is Alexandra, and I find things. Neat things, old things, used things, unique things, things that have been cast aside and things that are well-loved. I love looking for — and at — such things. I have decided, to start Blue Carrot Shop as a home for these things. Or at least (I'm hoping) a temporary home, a gathering place for wayward items — a stop on the journey to becoming a part of your home. I can't keep everything I find (trust me, I wish I could) and I make a habit of only finding things I want very much to keep. I hope you will feel the same way.