Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dolan Geiman

Pretty rad stuff from artist Dolan Geiman. He does a lot of great bird paintings which are totally satisfying my recent (and totally random) bird obsession. Check out his stuff and buy his art here.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Times through the Times

While researching a project at work, I came across the wonderful Ajax All Purpose Blog with amazing vintage photographs from every kind of source and subject matter. Of course this '62 Vintage Images of Times Square' post tugged at a special place in my heart, but every post is just as inspirational and fascinating as the last...

Vernacular Typography Polaroids

An amazing project by the extremely talented Doug Wilson has resulted in this tasty, tasty treasure trove of typography polaroids on flickr, taken around the country. If you like hand-painted signs, wonderful typography and beautiful polaroids (I happen to love all three), grab a drool bucket and check it out.

Letterpress Delights

I've been finding a lot of vintage wood type letterpress blocks lately, and I decided that they deserved their own category. So head over to the shop for a load of new wood and metal type as well as a few other new items that would love to go home with you :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

the 'burgh

My man and I road-tripped to Ikea this weekend, and along the way stopped at some wonderful antique/junk/curio shops. We also took the long way home through downtown Pittsburgh, including my first ever stop at Primanti Brother's for an insanely large sandwich and the absolute best pickles I've ever tasted (I am so sad I am two hours away from their deliciousness).

My man also took me up to the top of Mount Washington, which I'm ashamed to say I didn't even know existed. It was absolutely beautiful, even if the weather was super crappy, and we immediately made plans to return in the summer. Thank you Pennsylvania (and a teeny bit of West Virginia) for a great Sunday adventure... See you soon!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Impossible is possible

I am going to have to kick up sales in the shop to afford a Polaroid sx-70 or 600 along with the newly resurrected instant film, brought back to life by the visionaries calling themselves the Impossible Project. Looking through the slide show of photographs taken by artists (trying out the new film) is pretty inspiring (and also torturous, because I don't have one of these... yet.)

(via the Donut Project)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


A co-worker of mine drew this today and its super-duper, over-the-top adorableness made me melt into a puddle of goo. We decided his name was Smunckles, and I am in love. Look at that one tooth, it positively kills me.

(Smunckles copyright the insane mind of Joe Rossi)


We're on an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia kick here at work (lunch breaks now belong exclusively to Sunny episodes) and aside from being outrageously, holy-shit funny, I've always really loved the design of their advertisements, dvd packaging and website. If you've never watched the show, seriously, it's amazing; is it time for season 6 yet?

New Letterpress Shop Open!

Trying out a new sub-shop exclusively for letterpress items on Etsy. Check it out!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grey Gardens

I finally watched the iconic documentary, Grey Gardens, about a year ago and I was alternately intrigued, amazed and a little grossed out. I absolutely fell hard for the dilapidated mansion and could only imagine having the privilege and the luck to be able to inhabit a magical place like it one day.

Today, I found my way to this article in the NY Times, published about a year ago, detailing the resurrection and restoration of the famed house (and its gorgeous gardens). Make sure to check out the three slide-shows containing photos of the house under the reign of the Beales, and the wonderful restoration that's taken place since.

Gimme that WHALE CAR.

I first fell in love with this adorable Whale Car from an old Sea World ride at an antique mall, and found out yesterday that it's going to be in an auction today. Unfortunately I have to work, and probably couldn't afford it anyway, but just look at it. Don't I need this?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Matte Stephens

Ok, Matte Stephens. You do amazing work and I want all of it and each piece is more amazing/adorable/awesome than the last. That is all.

(Find his prints here and if you're feeling generous, I'll take one of everything. Thanks.)

Log Love

I absolutely adore Renegade Handmade and if you haven't been to their site before, do yourself a favor and check it out. Be warned though, you'll want to buy many, many things like these to-die-for Log Pillows that I've had my eye on for oh, about a year. One day, when I become insanely wealthy these beauties are mine.