Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Super adorable camera cases from Claraiuribe's Etsy shop... she also does some other pretty awesome things with felt like these bird brooches that break my heart with their cuteness.


Every so often I make the mistake of browsing through Threadless's amazing t-shirt collection, and end up either impulsively buying things I don't need, or wanting virtually everything I see. Today, it was the latter. Just a smattering of the goodness to be found there...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Loving Travis Pitts's awesome and varied work... check out his photos, store and blog for more.

(PS- I will definitely never look at an exclamation point the same way again, thanks Travis!)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yummy Keychains

Ordered two of these super adorable breakfast foods keychains from Kidrobot today... I can't wait to put my new car key (it's actually more of a fob, or since it's for my Saab, a faab) on one of these guys... I got two because they come in 'blind' packages which pretty much means it's a crap shoot as far as which one you'll get. I generally don't like to be surprised, but I think I'll be happy with any of them. I'll be especially happy, however, with that stack of pancakes and New York City-style coffee cup. Fingers crossed!

Tulip Report

My tulip really opened up today, like waaaaay more than I ever thought possible, further proving the fact that I know absolutely nothing about greenery. He's drooping a little, so this may his last hurrah, but a beautiful one, nonetheless.


Artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon started her blog, A Collection a Day 2010 as a way of documenting her cherished collections, both real and imaginary. I absolutely love this idea, and could probably fill a blog with my many collections, knick knacks and doo dads as well... Her photographs are beautiful and her imagined, illustrated collections are just as wonderful. Check out her dedication and more awesome collections here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A girl can dream

I love browsing the NYTimes real estate section, if only to get glimpses into homes that I'll probably never be able to afford... Today's feature "What You Get For... $975,000" features three homes and the converted fire house in San Francisco, and carriage house in Charleston, South Carolina are receiving a particular amount of lust from me... I especially love the brick archway and red cabinets in the SC kitchen, and that clown picture in the fire house is just creepy/amazing. See more photos and read the details here.

Sometimes my man is really sweet...

... and picks me flowers that grow outside of where we work. Flowers that probably shouldn't be picked but I don't care because it makes me smile all big like...

Tombstone Typography

(By far, the best tombstone I've ever seen belongs to John Jockers. It's shaped like a tree stump with amazing carvings and a flower 'growing' from the base. I could only be so lucky to rest for all of eternity under such a cool headstone.)

Hell Town

One of my bestest buds and I went exploring around the infamous "Hell Town" yesterday. We didn't find anything overtly spooky, but we did see some pretty flowers, beautiful old homes and tons of neat tombstones. I love creepy, old cemeteries and the designer in me can't help but notice the beautiful typography on all the old, crumbling tombstones.

I don't think the area is aptly named; it's quite beautiful, serene and feels like Ohio's closest try at New England charm. I highly recommend an exploring expedition of your own.