Monday, January 31, 2011

Your Sometimes Mozart

Even though she was one huge sack of annoyance tonight (she always is when she tries to "help" with packing packages), here are three recent pics of my favorite (not so much at the moment, but mostly) feline.

She may be a piece of shit but she sure is purdy.


Hey kids! Just in time for Valentine's Day, I have updated the shop with tons of new delights; any of which would be perfect for that special vintage-loving someone in your life.

What says I love you more than a bright red kitchen scale, or an adorable little brass snail? Nothing, that's what.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh Bois!

It's no secret that I (and a lot of other people) love faux bois. The talented Ross Sveback sent me a link to his dinnerware collection, isn't it wonderful? Get yours here.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow more

Here in Northeast Ohio, we're pretty accustomed to snow, and this winter (now that we have an unstoppable Jeep) it would be fine with me if it never stopped snowing. Unfortunately, most of our snow seems to keep skipping us and hitting places like New York City and Philadelphia.

My Twitter and Facebook feeds are filled with people complaining about being snowed in, and I just want to say this: STOP COMPLAINING. You live in New York City, the most magical of all cities. You should never complain about anything ever, especially something like snow that only makes the city even more magical.

I mean, just look at that skier on the Promenade (my most favorite place in all the world). You know what I'm doing today? Not that.

(photos from NYTimes)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Soviet Russia, Letters Send You

We recently received a package from Russia containing an extraordinary 78 for our Victrola, packaged with what is seemingly an extraordinary amount of stamps.

As you can see, the 'rawr' factor of this particular parcel was quite high.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

MEGA Shop update!

Oh the delights and thrills to be had over at the shop right now... I have added 20+ items, and most are cheapcheapcheap. You're very welcomewelcomewelcome!

Glove form  |  Philco Clock  |  Enormous Utensils  |  Pyrex!  |  Dr. Drill N' Fill  |  Mr. Peanut Dishes

And much, much more!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

House 8810

Someone please stop me before I go into major debt buying EVERYTHING on the wonderful House 8810 web site. Table linens and tea towels and milk cap coasters and sock monkeys and omg I'm broke.

(via Design Mom)

Monday, January 17, 2011


(commence jaw-dropping here)

My fictitious, polygamist, celebrity marriage conglomerate

Because I'm a nerd, and I have no friends and a man who spent the entire night building a robot in his shop (yes, a robot), I watched the Golden Globes alone.

And because I lust after celebrities as much (ok, more) as any tabloid-reading obsessive would, I found myself drooling over men and women alike; which then led to me dreaming up a dream wherein I marry all of my celeb crushes from the night (plus Meryl Streep, who wasn't there but is always my top choice for, anything)... Which might be one of the reasons I end up watching such events by myself.

ANYway, in my alternate brain world, here is who I would marry and why. I think we'll all be very happy together.

I'll admit it, I've never seen Mad Men. But January Jones is super gorge, even if she did kinda forget to wear a dress and instead poured herself into the world's largest (sexy!) tassel.

I know it's cliche of me, but seriously, Johnny Depp could wear a potato sack and I'd still be drooling.

I completely understand why Temple Grandin mauled Claire Danes when she won her award. No, it's not because T.G. is autistic, or was just excited. It's because Danes is smokin' hot and don't try to tell me otherwise.

I know some people called Scarlett's dress 'matronly' but I adored it. Sure, I'm secretly a middle-aged woman who has had a subscription to Martha Stewart since I was ten, and Johansson's hair looks like it may contain a woodland creature or two, but still.

RDJ, what can I say. You are dreamy in every way, and you seem like such a devoted husband — if only you could swing a little bit of that devotion (and hair. and wit. and face. and suit) my way...

So, I couldn't find a picture of her at this year's Globes, but not only did Jane Lynch give one of the best speeches ("I'm nothing if not falsely humble"), trust me, she also looked amazing.

And, I would be remiss if I left out the bangin' Annette Bening (I couldn't find a pic from the ceremony, but she looked great), who gets hotter and hotter every year. If you haven't seen The Kids Are All Right, do it — but be prepared to fall in love with Bening who can marry me any time she decides to dump that dog Beatty.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mozart: the Masterpiece

Because we just re-did our living room, are in desperate need of art for our walls, and are completely and utterly obsessed with a certain feline of ours, I seriously considered commissioning a fine oil painting of  Mozart for my man for Valentine's Day...

Its probably too late, and I'm kinda broke anyway but isn't our gray beauty just begging to be painted into a classic like these hilarious pieces from artist Valerie Leonard?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shop Updates!

A few new items in the shop to cure your winter blues! Plus, the winter sale is still going on, and what makes you happy, if not Blue Carrot items — cheap Blue Carrot items.

**Green Kitchen Scale**
**Skunk Chalkware**
**Cat Chalkware**
**Lion Hook**
**Fruit/Veg Pitcher**