Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Did you know you can hire me to design your (insert thing you need designed here)? Go to the brand spankin' new Design Services page on the shop site to find out how, and to see examples of my designerly things. THEN HIRE* ME, ok?

*I have a wonderful day job at a firm that I love, but would love to do your project as a free-lancer, because mama needs to pay her bills, amiright?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Blue Carrot Shop first: GIVEAWAY TIME

I'm excited to finally offer you super special Blue Carroty fans what I'm sure you've all been waiting impatiently for: A GIVEAWAY (yaaaay!).

Now that I have your attention — because who doesn't want free shit, right? — this is the time where I crush all your freeloading, lazy hopes and dreams by telling you that I expect something from you in return (I mean, I like free shit as much as the next guy).

To enter this super special fancy delight of a giveaway, there are a few "rules"...

1. You must leave a comment on this post. It can be anything — some kind words about the shop (you all have those, right?), your favorite Meryl Streep movie, a joke you've been dying to tell or anything else that will make me laugh or cry or ponder the meaning of life.

2. Like Blue Carrot Shop on Facebook (if you haven't already), or follow the shop on Twitter. Sneak peek: I post some thrifting pics, and talk a lot about Parenthood and my cat — who doesn't need more of that in their Internet life?

3. Visit the shop and pick out what you'll order when you win the giveaway — or what you'll buy to drown your sorrows when I pick someone else.

4. Increase your chances of winning by mentioning the shop on your blog, or telling your friends, or spreading the word any way you can... I have no problem shamelessly begging for shop promotion. This is not necessary but extremely appreciated :)

Now, the fun part: the giveaway.

One super special fancy delightful shop fan will win one Blue Carrot item of their choosing ($30 or less, and I'll ship it to you of course — US shipping only, please). Item must be available in the shop at the time I contact you with the fabulous news.

If you have any questions about the rules or prefer to tell me your favorite Meryl Streep movie in private, contact me.

GOOD LUCK my faithful, free-stuff-loving fans!

*All chances to enter end on Wednesday, March 30th at 9 pm est.*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I went to Vegas for the first time back in November (loved it!), and I'm just now getting around to editing my photos.

FYI: In Ohio, I'm not sure the sky ever gets this blue.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashionable Food

My supercool friend Brit shared this link on Facebook and I think my mouth physically dropped upon seeing these amazing food-as-fashion (from the book As a Matter of Taste) images from photographer Fluvio Bonavia. I mean...

Meg Wachter

I saw this series from photographer Meg Wachter today on Happenstance — but it's her Coney Island series that I really dig.

As many times as I've been to New York, I've never been to Coney Island. I've always been fascinated by the old-timey meets run-down urban decay, and any place where you can play games like "Shoot the Freak" while eating a funnel cake* is automatically on my must-see list.

*I have a theory about funnel cakes: They are so delicious but I can (or rather, should) limit my intake to one per year; they make me so sick that it takes an entire year to forget how completely disgusting I felt and only remember the delicious parts.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


So excited to finally start getting some Blue Carrot shop materials printed, starting with this sticker design. I got an awesome deal from AppSumo and Stickermule (check them both out, for realz) — so be on the look our for one of these cute lil guys on every package you order from now on!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bits and Baubles

Yeah, I was mildly excited by this (forgive me for the impossibly arrogant picture of my ridiculously expensive coffee in front of my ridiculously expensive computer taken with my ridiculously expensive iPhone).

Um, is it spring yet? And by spring, I mean can someone please fix all the mother f'n CRATERS that are constantly threatening to tear my car to pieces? KTHX. (I took this photo at a Dollar Tree by our house this weekend — talk about a high class shopping experience)

Started my ultra-low tech (i.e. an envelope of cash) Nantucket fund last week with eight dollars. Today's total: $33. NANTUCKET OR BUST.

I mean, does anyone else have an obsession with Ron Popeil (aka the Salesman of the Century), or am I alone in this?

PS: This sold for more than $70 at an auction this weekend, and no, not to me.

I recently bought these adorable magnetic, bunny-shaped notepads from Target — only to realize that they did this when affixed to a fridge. Quality control, people.

Sometimes, by man does impossibly cute things for me, like drawing eyes of my bananas. Result: 'nana swans.

Yummy Key Caps

I was lucky enough to pull this mega-adorable guy from a blind assortment of Yummy Breakfast keychains, and now I pretty much have the coolest key fob ever (or as we call it, a Saab Faab).

I found out today that they also make these keycaps, and now I want them all.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Seriously, watch this show.

Annie Leibovitz for Disney

While I've never been a Disney fanatic (I'm currently being annoyed by their incessant ads on Hulu — just because I watch 17 Parenthood's in a row, does not mean I have a huge family to take to Disney) but these ads featuring gorgeous photographs from Annie Leibovitz are pretty awesome.

My faves include Julianne Moore as the Little Mermaid, Alec Baldwin as the Mirror's Reflection and Jeff Bridges as the Beast.

And if you ever get the chance to see a live exhibition of Leibovitz's varied and beautiful work, go.

I saw this show in 2006 and was blown away — not just by the wonderful Streep portraits she has done, although that may have been the reason I went, initially.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shop items in the wild

One of my very favorite* customers, Amy from Old Sweet Song, posted pics of her beautiful apartment today, featuring this fruit crate and A sign recently purchased from Blue Carrot Shop.

I happen to think they look quite lovely and happy in their new home. Thanks so much for sharing, Amy! I absolutely love seeing where the shop items end up — so everyone send me your pics RIGHT THIS SECOND, kay?

*I love all my customers equally, I promise. But Amy is very lovely; she also lives in New York City which automatically makes her awesome.

Nantucket or Bust

I've been going majorly stir-crazy this winter and all I can do to maintain my sanity is plan an extravagant vacation that I may or may not ever take...

On my faux-genda recently is Nantucket — I've been drooling over the possibility of staying in one of the many gorgeous inns on the island (can any of these also be my house, PLEASE?).

I mean...

(from here)

There's also the Nantucket Whaling Museum which the nerd in me is dying to see because, well, I'm a nerd.

(Can my perfect Nantucket-style historical home also come with this amazing whale weather vane, please!?)