Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shop Update!

Tons of new treasures have been added to the shop, so you should probably take a look, like, RIGHT NOW.

Brass Swans  |  Vintage Invites  |  Horse Collection  |  Poppy Glasses  |  Syrup Tin  |  and many more!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Glorious Treats

So, this week has been super shitty (today especially, bad Friday, anyone?) but today I stumbled upon the amazing blog Glorious Treats. It's pretty hard to be upset when looking at such delicious and amazingly beautiful treats.

I harbor a secret desire to quit graphic design and open my own bakery, and scrolling through these amazing photos did nothing to quell that desire.

These Hydrangea cupcakes kind of blew my mind (and they're easy!).

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How I spent my sick-ation

Last week I got dreadfully sick, and in my feverish stupor there wasn't much to do except watch movies (and moan, while rocking back and forth of course).

I finally watched About A Boy — because I'm like fifty years behind the times — and loved it. I think I've said it before, but Hugh Grant is suspiciously sexy. I mean, he's ugly, but he's sexy. DISCUSS.

I also watched Gone With The Wind (not for the first time, I'm not that behind), because being bed-ridden with a 102 degree fever seems to be the only occasion when I have four, uninterrupted (ok, I may have taken a nap during 'intermission') hours to devote to movie viewing. I could go on for days quoting my favorite scenes, but I won't get all weepy housewife on you, I promise.

This is where I admit that I also watched Eat, Pray, Love, and also where I remind you that I had a FEVER OF ONE HUNDRED AND TWO DEGREES. It wasn't great, but it did make me want to go to Italy (even more).

Then, one morning, I passed out on a pile of rusty antiques in my bathroom and woke up with a head wound. I'm fine, I promise.

And this is where I appeal to anyone who has bought a similar, perhaps rusty, antique from Blue Carrot — be careful, friends. It can happen to you.

As usual, my "nurse" (my cat) didn't seem to care much for my less-than-desirable state, and instead of making me soup, or driving me to stat care, dropped a slimy chew toy on my face and expected multiple games of fetch. Then, she somehow opened the fireplace doors and had a spelunking adventure in the ash piles. Aren't cats the best?

And then I got flowers from my man, and mini Cadbury eggs from myself and all was right in the world.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shop Update!

I updated the shop last night with some goodies, including these one-of-a-kind industrial bookends — handmade exclusively for Blue Carrot Shop by my wonderful man.

They are super heavy-duty, not to mention awesome looking (we have some in our office, and everyone notices/compliments them); check them out in the new 'man'tiques section!

Other new delights include Airline Globe  |  Brass Apple  |  Copper Colored Canisters  |  Camera and more!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bits & Baubles

The latest addition to my Cape Cod room.

Funniest book I've read in, ever.

Cold river walks.

Want this.

Watch this.

My animal, with her animal.

Warmer river walks.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This week in Streep

I found out today that another lesser-known Streep film, previously only available on VHS, is now available through Amazon as an "on-demand" DVD (apparently they make them as you order them? Who does that?). 

If you haven't seen The Still of the Night (I'd never heard of it before my summer of Streep), it really is worth watching. Streep is incredibly young, beautiful and blonde — perfect for the part of the young, beautiful blonde. I haven't seen it in a few years (too lazy to hook up my VHS player), so I'm excited to give it a much deserved repeat watching.

Also, check out Meryl on the cover of Vassar's Alumni magazine — virtually unrecognizable as founder Matthew Vassar, in amazing photographs from the genius Brigette Lacomb (from the always wonderful, Simply Streep).

The original.

And the master.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ally McGilmore Girls

I've recently been making my way through all five gloriously wacky seasons of Ally McBeal, and to say I loved Ally when it first aired would be an enormous understatement. Anyone who knows me knows I'm prone to obsessions and generally immersing myself in things, well, Ally was my first (I may have, ahem, taped every. single. episode).

I was 11 when it started (1996!) and I not only wanted to be like Ally, but I wanted to be Ally. I even considered actually being a lawyer; thank god that urge passed by the time I was ready to make such decisions.

If you've never seen the show (how did you spend the late nineties?), all five seasons are available in a wonderfully complete box set (including the amazing music — rumor has it that licensing issues were the main reason it took so long for a DVD release).

I'm only through the first season, but so far I've caught not one, but three actors from my other favorite show obsession — Gilmore Girls — guesting on my first favorite show obsession.

And, while I realize no one cares about these things but me, here they are in all their nineties, guest-starring glory (screen-capped rather obsessively by me).

If you need me for the next few days...

I'll be reading this.


"You'd be really pretty if you lost weight." (College Boyfriend, 1990 )

"Tina Fey is an ugly, pear-shaped, overrated troll." (The Internet )

"Mommy, where are my pretzels?" (Tracy Morgan )


"I hope that's not really the cover. That's really going to hurt sales." (Don Fey, Father of Tina Fey )

"Absolutely delicious!" (A Guy Who Eats Books )

"Totally worth it." (Trees )

"Do not print this glowing recommendation of Tina Fey's book until I've been dead a hundred years." (Mark Twain )

Shop Sweet Lulu

I wish I had a fancy occasion that required a party immediately, so that I could go wild and buy everything from the adorable Shop Sweet Lulu. I think these stripey straws are my favorite.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I don't think I've ever played an April Fool's joke but I certainly appreciate YouTube's 1911-ing of their site today. Including this video, which may be one of my favorite videos, of ever — if not, certainly my favorite video containing the words FLUGELHORN FELINE.

(Skiddoo your kids, skiddoo your wife)

The giveaway winner is (drummmrolll)...

...Similarglasses*, who said her favorite Meryl Streep movie was Adaptation — a fine choice indeed. Have you all seen Adaptation? Streep is hilarious, of course, but Chris Cooper and Nicholas Cage are mind-blowingly amazing. If you've never seen it, my only advice is to watch it at least twice.

Anyway, congratulations Similarglasses — email me (ac@bluecarrotshop[dot]com) with your info (address, name, etc.) and let me know what Blue Carrot item you would like to claim as your prize ($30 or less please!).

Thank you all so much for entering, your kind (and funny) comments made me smile. And if you didn't win, I'll be doing another giveaway for sure so keep checking back!

*This photo is not of Similarglasses, but in fact is my cat and has nothing to do with this giveaway announcement — but the way I see it is that she is so unbelievably adorable (and stately!) that we all win in the end.