Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Wish List No. 1

1. Andrew Bird's The Mysterious Production of Eggs on vinyl  |  2. Steve Madden Troopa Boots in Black (I have a pair in brown that I adore)  |  3. Beanie Baby Sock Monkey (for my niece)  |  4. Jeni's Ice Cream's Tasting Pack  |  5. Fox Scarf!  |  6. Kate Spade Air Quote Mittens  |  7. GTI Plaid Scarf (I am such a nerd I found one on eBay and bought it for myself)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Introducing... Blue Carrot Shop 2.0!

Have you been to the newly redesigned, much improved, updated, shiny brand-spankin-new Blue Carrot Shop yet? I've added new categories, new products and new discounts (enter the code "GIMMEEDATDISCOUNT" before Dec. 1st to receive 20% off) and I've reduced the prices on hundreds of items.

So, click on over to the shop and get all of your holiday shopping done — let me know if you would like me to send the package incognito (so a loved one doesn't know) or with a special card or wrapping.

I hope you like the redesign!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello, Old Friends

I've been a tad busy this past week, so forgive my lack of posting. For your patience and undying devotion, I will now reward you with excuses for my absence pictures from the horrible time we spent apart.

Sometime last week I traded in my Saab, took a horribly cheesy photo of myself in front of it, and hardly had time to feel sad before...

I bought a brand new, 2012, Volkswagon GTI. It is super fast and black with red accents and has plaid seats and a super secret spy hatch (the latch is the VW logo, shhhhh... you didn't hear it from me) and I am officially in love with an inanimate object and I don't care how gross that makes me. I am a consumer whore, and how.

I also found the time to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal for 12 members of my family, and in an extreme exercise of self control, not kill them all in the process. I love them all dearly, but our house is teeny-tiny and I had never even so much as looked at a raw turkey, let alone cooked one before.

Which is why I almost threw up when the "neck" emerged from one of the various cavities (I'll spare you the photo, but if you follow me on Instagram, you're welcome).

Oh, and I also managed to completely re-design Blue Carrot Shop, including a new cart, new discounts and new categories, but more on that later.

And I'll never be too busy to take photographs of my cat(s).

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holiday Movies

With the end of the year always comes a slew of Oscar-contending films, and this year is no different. I find myself looking forward to the releases of more than a few, including:

The Iron Lady: December 30th

Martha Marcy May Marlene: November 11th

J. Edgar: November 11th

Shame: December 2nd

Are there any movies that I'm missing? What's on your holiday must-see list? (If you say Jack and Jill, shame on you — say ten Hail Meryl's and save your $12 for The Iron Lady, you won't be disappointed.)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My First Time

Last week was a week of "firsts" for me including:

My first time being pulled over. I've been in a car getting pulled over before (once with my sister, twice with my man) but never been on the receiving end of a warning or ticket of any kind. That is, until Sunday, when I got pulled over while on my way to my Grandmother's house for lunch.

I thought I was speeding (maybe 10 miles over at the most, I was going downhill), but I was stopped for my window tint. Apparently the driver and passenger side windows must allow no less than 50% light in through the tint. Mine allow 11%. Oooopsy.

I told the cop I had bought it that way (not true) and that I had no idea it was illegal (also not true); he said the dealership would probably take it off for me (sure, I'll get right on that, officer) and wrote me a warning. As he was walking away, he said "Oh, by the way, your tinted license plate is also illegal (come on) — thanks for wearing your seatbelt!" So, I can no longer claim to have never been pulled over, but I think ten years with a perfect driving record was a good run.

My first time being away from my man for more than 4 days. My man went to Vegas on a business trip, and I did not. We work together, and live together so for the past three years and three months, we've rarely been apart. It's always nice to have time to myself, but by day seven, I was more than ready to pick him up at the airport.

I know seven days may not seem like a lot, especially to you ladies out there in long-distance or military relationships, but I'm spoiled and I like my company. I was so bored in fact, that I...

Painted an entire room for the first time. While the man was gone, I painted our bedroom gray, which was the first room I've ever painted entirely by myself (ceiling included). I'm happy with how it turned out, although my hatred for painting was definitely confirmed. This will hopefully also be the last time I ever paint an entire room by myself.

My first time eating sushi. This technically happened last night, which wasn't last week, but whatever — this one's a biggin. Anyone who has ever met me knows that for most of my life I've had an almost pathological fear of all things seafood — and raw seafood? Doubly scary. I've been easing myself into this genre during the past few years with a scallop here, a shrimp there. But it wasn't until last night that I actually ordered and consumed multiple pieces of spicy tuna sushi. And it was delicious.

My first time in a Books-a-Million. I walked into what just a few months ago was my beloved Borders, and what I was told was now a Books-a-Million, and found... that very little had changed. The fixtures were the same. The signs were the same. Even the layout was basically the same. I browsed for a while, a little shocked, a little weirded out, but mostly happy that I have a place back (they have a cafe) where I can sit, drink coffee and read my trashy tabloids — it's been a very long three months without one. I even made...

My first purchase at a Books-a-Million: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in paperback, a birthday card and matroyska-shaped measuring spoons.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Have you seen the trailer for the David Fincher adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Seeing this trailer actually made me want to go buy the book — and hopefully finish it before the December 21st film release.

I picked up a copy this weekend and I'm only a few chapters in, but I can already tell that I'm going to need to pick up parts 2 and 3 of the internationally-bestselling trilogy soon.

Also, does anyone one else think that a black-haired, short-banged, emaciated, eyebrow-less Rooney Mara is shockingly sexy? No? Just me? Hmmph.

I wanna Beetle for Christmas

Have you seen the new 2012 Volkswagon Beetle?! Gone are the bud vases and general cute, hippie-ness — the Platinum Gray Metallic Turbo is the stuff of which my dreams are made. We test drove one today and holy crap.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Parenthood Playlist: Part 1

I've professed my love for the NBC show Parenthood before, and this season is better than ever (are you still not watching? what's wrong with you!?). One thing that has been consistently great from the very first season is the music — I find myself thinking "man, what a great song" at least a few times during each episode.

Luckily, there is this wonderful site for anyone who has ever wondered the same thing. I went on a music-downloading spree today, and grabbed some James Blake, Mia Doi Todd, A. A. Bondy, Bombay Motorcycle Club and Fink — all have songs featured in episodes this season.

The Wonderful Mae Whitman with TV bro Miles Heizer and real-life beau Landon Pigg

Add those to the Lucy Schwartz, Junip and Landon Pigg that I already have, and I'm building quite the impressive Parenthood Playlist. I only wish that these wonderful songs from Miles Heizer's (Drew Braverman) band Herve, and the Graveyard song that the incredibly talented Mae Whitman played and sang last season were available on a full album.

Are you listening record execs? These kids know what's up.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bedroom Redo (p. 2)

1. Log Lamp  |  2. Cardboard Moose Trophy  |  3. Plaid Thermos  |  4. Twig Vase
5. Michael Sowa Prints  |  6. Log Pillows

Once I decide to redo a room, I get very into it, very quickly. All I can think of today is our bedroom and I've spent far too much time dreaming of faux bois, woodland creatures and plaid, plaid and more plaid.

I picked out a color last night (Urban Sunrise by Valspar) and my dad is coming over tonight to help me move the heavy things (I promised him in return that I'd put him in a great nursing home one day).

I'm also trying to forget how much I hate painting, but I'm hoping that the promise of a cozy, woodland-hunting-lodge-themed wonderland is enough to sustain me through the entire project.

Kitten Pals

How sweet are these Kitten Pals buttons from The Black Apple? I adore everything in the shop, but I have a special place in my heart reserved for adorable kittens (who doesn't).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bedroom Redo

1. BEHR Ultra Silver Sateen  | 2. BEHR Ultra Ashes  |  3. Cornelius Squirrel print  |  4. Damask Stripe Duvet
5. Pendleton Motor Robe in Black Butte Plaid  |  6. Edie Fawn, Felix Fox and Ember Bunny prints

My man is in Vegas until Sunday for business ("business") and I'm itching for a project to keep me occupied during my lonely nights (we don't spend much time apart, okaaaay?). One of the only rooms left in our house that we haven't redone is our bedroom — it's in the basement, dreary by default and in desperate need of a refresh.

It should be no surprise to anyone that in my quest to make my entire house match my cat, there is only one color option: gray. I've been coveting this duvet set from Dwell Studio for a few years now, but a nearly $300 piece of fabric is not really in my budget right now (or anytime soon) and most of the reviews say that the stripes are more of a beige than an ash gray anyway (or that's what I tell myself to ease my pain).

A quick searched turned up this set at Target, and I think if paired with this Pendleton wool plaid throw, it will update our bed nicely (and relatively inexpensively).

I've also been coveting these adorable collage prints from TinyFawn for above our bed, and they just happen to be the exact colors (and animals) that I adore.

We have hideous, cheap, golden oak-ish trim and paneling halfway up the walls, and I'm hoping that a whole lot of sanding and white paint will work some magic. I'm also hoping I finish before my man gets home, although I abandoned the idea of keeping it a surprise, and asked for his approval first — immediately following him giving me the go-ahead, he asked how I was going to move our bed by myself.

Anyone have any tips on making a king sized bed easier to move by yourself? I'm asking for a friend.

UPDATE: In lieu of the plain duvet, plaid blanket combo, I just impulse-bought this plaid duvet from Pottery Barn Teen — I'm hoping the man really meant it when he said "whatever you want", because this is what he's coming home to!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Party Time, Excellent.

Despite some culinary missteps (my lady fingers turned out a tad on the pudgy side, my shards of "glass" were more frosted than see-thru — shhhhh don't tell Martha) our Halloween party was amazing — and every single person came in costume, even my man's dad who had on such a convincing "Justin's Dad" costume that he was voted runner-up in the costume contest (the top prize went to a very authentic Macho Man Randy Savage).

We also had a Wayne and Garth, the Christmas Story Leg Lamp, Green Man, two Michael Jacksons (one came with her own "little" boy in a onesie), a sexy Robinhood, Robin (minus Batman), one third of Run DMC, Elmo, an old man in a cowboy hat (aka my grandpa), a pirate, an owl, a real child with a blue face, three vampires and two very classy, fantastically fancy foxes.

In addition to great costumes, there was some pretty delicious (and spoooooky!) food...

Two jack-o-lantern scarecrows, some creepy porch decorations and a few hundred sparkle lights to greet our guests...

Carved critters...

Bottles of "poison" and a dead flower arrangement...

I also may have spent a little lot more more than I had intended on decorations/every Halloween-themed thing I could find, but now I'm just extra prepared for next year, right?