Friday, December 16, 2011

YeeHaw Meats

These letterpressed cuts of meat posters from YeeHaw are just the right mix of cool and gross. I'm pretty sure I need all three for my kitchen, except I don't have the wall space — buy now, figure out how to make space later, huh? I see zero flaws in this plan.

Peas on Earth

Update: A very limited number of these (like, five) are now available in the shop

Aside from some vintage Corel Draw fueled attempts, I've never really made my own Christmas cards, which may be odd considering I spend 40+ hours a week designing things for other people — kind of a hair-dressers have the worst hair type of deal?

Anyway, this year I decided to break tradition, and not only design my own, but screen print my own cards. I'm lucky enough to work at a place (427 Design, holla) that has its own screen printing equipment, so it was quite easy and actually even a bit fun.

My drawing ability being what it is (i.e. kindergarten-level), I stuck with simple shapes and a hilarious (to me, at least) pun and my man helped me with the distressing (his specialty) and separations.

I love screen printing light inks on dark paper — I think it's the fact that this technique can't really be replicated any other way that makes me gravitate towards it. I mixed my two inks, and with a lot of help from my genius-of-a man, produced about fifty of these adorable prints.

I hope my family and friends appreciate them, and since we don't know (or rather, like) that many people, I happen to have a few extra prints — if you would would like one just let me know.

Free of charge, of course — all I ask is that you do your part to keep peas on earth.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Blue (Carrot) Christmas

Today is the last day to save 20% in the shop with the coupon code 'GIMMEEDATDISCOUNT'. Also, every package that ships from today will include a free, screen printed holiday print (designed by moi), just because I like you.

If you would like to request that I send you a print, are too cheap unable to buy something from the shop, and not weird about giving me your address (I won't stalk you, promise), then e-mail me your name/address and I'll send you a delightful surprise. Although I guess if you request it (and I've already shown you what it looks like), it's not really much of a surprise, but still.

You're welcome.

Monday, December 12, 2011


If you live anywhere near me and hope to pick up a copy of the January issue of Vogue (featuring a certain Iron Lady), I apologize in advance. I will be buying all of the copies.

Isn't she just perfect?

Friday, December 9, 2011

December Doings

We put up our tree, which lasted about six seconds before this happened...

Look at that face. It's nothing but trouble. And that hint of white in the right of the frame? That's our tree skirt, which apparently is the most irresistible cat toy on this planet, and will therefore never look flat, straightened and pretty ever again.

I got a great, big Blue Carrot stamp to make all of your holiday treasures a wee bit more special. I'm also resisting the urge to stamp EVERY THING.

We went to Pittsburgh for the day, a trip that's never complete without Ikea and Primanti Bros. You'll notice there is no pickle in this picture. It was in my mouth, where all Primanti pickles belong.

I have the horrible job of being in charge of decorating our office for the holidays. And by horrible I mean amazing.

My first order of business three years ago was to ignore the plastic pine Christmas "pole" that we had, and purchase this stainless, aluminum beaut from eBay. Packing peanut snow? Yeah we do that.

If I'm known for one thing, it's my cutout cookies. They are so time consuming, however, that I don't make them very often. I broke out the rolling pin this week though to make a batch for the director of the school of art at the university. I'm hoping nothing says "thank you for giving me a job, and please keep giving me a job, so I can pay for my car" like snowflake cookies.

And, as always, I can't go too long without at least one Mozart picture. Look at that brooding, noir-heroine face. This kid's going places, I tell you.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blue Carrot Shop Gift Guide: Decorations

I love Target Christmas decorations just as much as the next girl, but there's something about vintage holiday items that no amount of shiny and new can replace. If you feel the same way then boy do I have some gems for you — hop on over to the newly redesigned Blue Carrot Shop, and visit the holidays section.

I've updated the shop with tons of new holiday items, including some great graphic serving trays, books, glasses, mugs, knick knacks and more.

And, as an early gift to you, until December 15th if you enter the code "GIMMEEDATDISCOUNT" at checkout, you'll receive a 20% discount — now that's a new holiday tradition I can get behind.

Christmas Wish List No. 6

1. Flying Monkey and 2. Dorothy Vinyl Figures  |  3. Stieg Larson Millennium Trilogy
4. Diana Camera  |  5. Make Your Own Log Pillow Kit