Friday, October 9, 2015

365 Project: Days 274-279

274/365: The weather was terrible so I stayed inside, watched The Others and ate a crispy chocolate ear.

275/365: I peeled myself out of bed to walk to the farmers' market at Grand Army Plaza, bought some honeycrisp apples and left after it started to rain again (but stayed long enough to buy a cider donut and hot cider).

276/365: We took my mom on an "open-house" tour of Green-Wood mausolems for her birthday (totally normal).

277/365: I never get sick of Green-Wood, so I took the long way home through a section of the cemetery where I had never been and found some wonderful things.

278/365: We hiked up Bear Mountain and saw three snakes—one of which was a poisonous rattlesnake, and one was 7-feet long (no thanks).

279/365: Francesca brought back some A+ souvenirs from Spain, including this cat change purse and ham-flavored Pringles (they're really delicious).

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