Thursday, October 8, 2015

BBG: Sept 2015

My dude and I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on a recent weekday that we had off (thank you, Yom Kippur!). I hadn't been to the garden since cherry blossom (and tulip!) season, even though the garden and I are now practically neighbors. We went in a back entrance and were surprised at how much they've added, with more new sections still under construction. I'm a member of the NYBG, but I've always loved the more manageable size of the Brooklyn Botanic.

It was a bit early for any fall foliage, and a bit late for the summer blooms, but I love exploring the in between stages of the gardens. The rose garden was still in full, spectacular bloom with some beautiful color combinations and variations that I had never seen before. I was also enamored with the tiny, brightly colored peppers blooming in the herb garden, the sinister looking black pearl peppers, and the adorable gourds hanging from the beams near the rose garden.

The garden is also hosting an exhibit by Isamu Noguchi from now until December. His iconic rock sculptures are scattered throughout the gardens, and while I enjoyed the Noguchi museum, I thought it was a little harder to appreciate his work in this setting—and sometimes the sculptures become indistinguishable from the actual rocks sitting nearby.

It was a really beautiful fall day (the first!) to take a stroll through the garden. At one point it was said that the light through the trees was so specifically "September light," which was so true. I'm always in such a hurry to usher out summer and dive right into pumpkins, ghosts, crunchy leaves and sweaters that sometimes I don't pay enough attention to these in between times, which as it turns out, can be just as lovely.

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