Thursday, October 22, 2015

Project 365: Days 289-295

289/365: A Queen reigns atop Pillow Mountain.

290/365: Jim and I got a peek inside of the magical Four Seasons restaurant, the National Arts Club and City Hall for Open House New York weekend.

291/365: I creeped around the newly-renovated Kings Theater in Brooklyn on the second day of OHNY weekend.

292/365: Mozart has been causing me a lot of grief lately, but then she does something so undeniably sweet—like rest her hand on my shoulder while we're laying in bed—that I can't be too mad at her.

293/365: I got a pretty new iPhone but I think I'm even more excited about my pretty new case.

294/365: My man suggested we start watching Mad Men, and I'm 100% obsessed, like I knew I would be (aka the reason why I haven't written a blog post all week :| )

295/365: Very into this new (to me) book, and the cover glows in the dark.

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