Monday, October 19, 2015

Wiltshire Motel

When Jim and I left for our destination-wedding roadtrip (if you can call Massillon, Ohio a destination) we planned to drive as far as we could after work and find a hotel along the way. We got tired around Breezewood, PA, which I recognized from my childhood family roadtrips as a popular stopping spot. We inquired at a few chain motels but were discouraged with the prices, so we consulted Google, which led us to the Wiltshire Motel. It had good reviews and the price was right so we drove to it not knowing what we would find.

We were both immediately delighted when we pulled up and noticed the classic neon letter signage. The neon was, unfortunately not on, but there was enough ambient light to know that we were at the right place. In the morning, we realized that the place was basically lousy with wonderful signage, with a two-sided "Motel Entrance" arrow at one entrance and another classic sign (with arrow) at the other.

The delights continued when we were handed a classic motel keytag to our room, which looked as if it hadn't changed since the 1950s. The room was classic roadside motel through and through—everything looked like it was authentically vintage, but was also in inexplicably good condition. The pink and teal color scheme of the bathroom is perfect, and the wall art above our beds was something I would have definitely grabbed at an estate sale to sell on Blue Carrot.

Bonus Motel: In the morning we also realized that we were across the street from a totally wonderful abandoned motel with the most perfect "MOTEL" sign out front. At first glance, Breezewood appears to be all chain hotels and gas stations, but I love that there are still signs of the old roadside life if you look hard enough.

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