Thursday, December 31, 2015

Project 365: Days 345-365

345/365: Still Life With Cat.

346/365: Super into this print from Burrito Breath, which I'm definitely leaving up all year long.

347/365: I hosted my third-annual Christmas Vacation viewing, with nog in moose mugs, of course.

348/365: This Queen.

349/365: We went to Dyker Heights to see the Christmas lights and grabbed some cannoli to go.

350/365: I wrapped my first gifts of the season.

351/365: Francesca and I exchanged gifts and she got me these incredible (and real!) glass eyes. When she handed them to me, she said "I got a good deal on them because they're cloudy."

352/365: Obsessed with this new pin, also from Francesca.

353/365: I wrapped the rest of my presents.

354/365: My mom bought me this awesome head vase, and I bought a little display dome to hold my glass eyes.

355/365: Jim and I exchanged presents and he got me the coolest record player (!!!) and the best record (Bridge Over Troubled Water).

356/365: I found a great manhole cover on my lunch walk // my dude and I exchanged gifts and he got me this wonderful bag that will be perfect for my camera (the bottom says Warning: Not for Transplanting Human Organs), and some other excellent gifts.

357/365: The fog that cancelled my mom's flight back to Ohio in the morning, and mine at night.

358/365: After my one-hour direct flight got cancelled, I traveled 7+ hours the next day and finally arrived in Ohio to spend Christmas Eve with my family.

359/365: All I wanted for Christmas was for my sister to accidentally pack her dogs (but especially Penny) in my luggage.

360/365: My sister suggested we go to Swenson's for lunch before seeing Sisters, which was the best idea she's ever had.

361/365: I tried (unsuccessfully) to sneak Penny into my purse // We went antiquing and found some real gems.

362/365: I basically commuted to work in New York from Ohio and took a super early flight into Newark.

363/365: All of the travel / lack of sleep / crappy eating / holiday stress caught up with me and I spent the day sick in bed—Nurse Mozart was indifferent to my suffering.

364/365: Day 2 of trying to rest out my cold.

365/365: I unpacked this casket plaque that I found antiquing in Ohio and I think it fits in quite nicely.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dyker Heights Lights 2015

When I moved to New York in 2013, my first boss mentioned that I might like the insane Christmas lights displays put on by the residents of Dyker Heights in Brooklyn. I took her advice, and it has since become one of my favorite holiday outings.

This was the third year in a row that I went, and although the displays don't seem to change much from year to year, I think this is one tradition I'll hold onto for a while. The houses of Dyker Heights are insane enough on their own, but when you drape them in garland, snowmen, pine cones, nativity scenes, inflatable snow globes and every color of light imaginable, well then you get something truly magical.

As with most things, I look for, and appreciate the creepy things the most. I especially love when beloved figures such as Santa or Jesus manage to take on a sinister vibe, whether on purpose or by accident,  it's always a delight. This year I revisited my favorite no-eyed choir boy (he had one eye last year)—and one-eyed choir girl—and was terrified by a teeth-baring Santa. But it was definitely the awkward animatronic Santa-and-child tableau that took the prize for strangest decoration of the night.

Of course I loved any statue that looked as if it came from the Magic Forest—a little old, a little busted, a little off—and the Jesus-holding-Christmas-lights was a personal favorite. I definitely recommend going to see the lights on a weeknight—the crowds can get quite overwhelming on a weekend—and definitely go by foot. I appreciate anything that's completely over-the-top on a very personal level (I'm pretty much Clark Griswold) and if you could declare a neighborhood as your spirit animal, I'd have a hard time finding a better match for me than Dyker Heights at Christmas.

Dyker Heights 2014