Thursday, March 31, 2016

2016 Easter Parade: Dogs

I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed at the dog content of this year's Easter Parade. The pug content, however, was definitely higher than last year so that sort of made up for the lack of other breeds. I also got to actually pet a pug—current favorite dog breed—for the first time IRL, so it was still a wonderful day.

I saw a few dogs that I had first met last year—including Chloe the pug and Charro the chihuahua, whose owners were very friendly and graciously allowed me to squeal with the unique delight that comes with seeing an already-adorable dog dressed in his/her Easter best.

May I mention yet again how cute the pugs were?? Blame Doug the Pug or Noodle, but my obsession has reached peak levels in recent weeks. Seeing a pug wearing a fleece bunny suit with his curly shrimp tail poking out did absolutely nothing to subdue my intense, primordial need to rub my face into a squishy pug face.

Right before we left, and after complaining about the lack of dogs, we hit the jackpot—a stroller packed full of six (six!) chihuahuas, all of which were dressed up in some way. The one wearing the dress seemed so proud to show it off (along with her painted nails!) and she was so nice that it was easy not to be jealous that she rocked a fancy Easter dress better than I ever could.

2016 Easter Parade: Bonnets 
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

BBG: First Blossoms

I've been noticing some blossoms around the city recently, so I thought it would be worthwhile to check on my beloved cherry trees at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. If you don't live a few blocks away from the BBG, they have a handy bloom map which is fun to check obsessively.

A few of the trees have just started to bloom, but it was definitely worth it to take advantage of the free admission on Saturday morning (from 10am - noon). I love the BBG in all seasons and I can't wait to go back when the main cherry grove is finally in bloom. It's under those trees that I first seriously decided to move to New York, and they'll always be magical to me.

I don't know much about plants, which is probably why I'm always so amazed by them. The section of the garden around the Bonsai Museum was exploding in blossoms of all kinds and I was finally lucky enough to catch daffodil hill at peak bloom. There were dozens of turtles sunning themselves in adorable little piles all around the Japanese pond, which were somehow mesmerizing to watch, even if they were so still they looked almost fake.

After such a mild winter, spring doesn't feel as revelatory as it has in past years but it's still nice to see signs of life springing up around the city.

Monday, March 28, 2016

2016 Easter Parade: Bonnets

Last year I went to the Easter Parade for the first time and it was so much fun I think I've decided to make it an annual tradition. The parade—which isn't really a parade in the traditional sense—started in the 1870s with people congregating on Fifth Avenue after Easter mass let out. It definitely seems as if there are more photographers now than actual participants, and it can be quite a zoo, but it's still a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

I saw a few direct repeats from last year, including the guy with the carrot cigar and a pretty busted-looking Easter bunny, but most of what we saw was new. Some people take the traditional egg/basket/bunny ears approach, some get political and some just get downright weird.

Gatherings like this are prime spots for the type of person who has a wizard costume gathering dust in their apartment—while not seasonally appropriate or anywhere near "on theme," I have to give people credit for being creative and weird.

We saw less dogs this year than last, unfortunately, but still enough to warrant their own separate post. As with any creative showcase, my favorites were the ones that clearly took time and thought. There was a group of people with New York-themed bonnets that were really extraordinary, but the crowd around them was so overwhelming that we couldn't stay near them as long as I would have liked. I've already decided that I'm not only going to go to the Easter Parade again next year, but I think it's finally time that I get serious and participate.

2015 Easter Parade: Bonnets | Dogs